Connect with Rory

 Introducing Rory (Amy), a talented artist whose passion for animation shines through her captivating designs. With a recently acquired BA in Animation, Amy combines her artistic skills and love for tattoos to create incredible works of art on skin.

Amy's creativity knows no bounds, and she has gained recognition for her exceptional Tiny Tattoo design series on her tiktok page (click here) where more than 900k followers enjoy her artwork, and where she skillfully brings characters to life in mesmerizing tattoo designs. She possesses a unique talent for crafting engaging and interactive tattoo pieces that evoke cherished memories of childhood joy.

With Amy's expertise and passion for creating meaningful art, she is dedicated to working closely with her clients to bring their visions to fruition. Whether it's a whimsical character from a beloved animated series or a profound symbol of faith, Amy's attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that each tattoo is a masterpiece.

To request a custom design Amy can be reached at: