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Introducing Jules, a talented artist and dedicated elementary school teacher who balances her passion for art with her commitment to education. With a lifelong love for cartooning and a natural creative flair, Jules has honed her skills to bring delightful imagery to life!

Jules's artistic journey began as early as she can remember, where she would spend countless hours drawing and bringing characters to life. Her passion for creating art led her to become the artist behind iconic designs such as Barbie, Anastasia, and the Chosen designs. Through her unique style and attention to detail, Jules captures the essence and beauty of these beloved characters, translating them into stunning tattoo designs.

Whether it's creating whimsical and vibrant designs or translating cherished characters onto the skin, Jules's passion for art and her commitment to her craft are evident in every tattoo she creates. Her ability to blend her love for cartooning with her tattooing expertise results in unique, captivating, and personalized designs that reflect the individuality of each client.

With her expertise and dedication, she strives to create meaningful and unforgettable tattoo experiences for her clients, ensuring that each design is a true work of art.

Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate with Jules and bring your tattoo visions to life with her exceptional talent and creative spirit.


To request a custom design Jules can be reached at:




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